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Donate if you want owo. Any donations are welcome and i have commissions in really cheap prices! Any donation from 10+ will be awarded with a free request digital or tradiotional! I might make also some adoptables but you can check also my adopts-account Twilens-adopt-center

:bulletblack: only head of your chara: 1.with color 15 :points:
2.without color 10:points:
:bulletblack: Full body lineart of your chara: 15:points:
:bulletblack: Full Body with color of your chara: 20-25:points:(depending on the difficulty)

every extra character is 10 :points:

NOTE: The digital art wont have a BG. Also you can pay after i have finished and uploaded your drawing. If you dont like then i can redo it for 5 :points:

Any creature you want(canine,feline,bird,fantasy,mutant ect...), also i can draw anthro

Humans so deal with it >:/

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Erica Naxmia
Hi my name is Erica and i welcome you to my page ^^ <3

My Fursona:
.:Junjies New Design - Temporary Ref:. by Eri-Freak

Keep Calm And Minecraft by xDarkShadows

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Rainbow poo bros~:iconneuroparadox::iconeri-freak:

People i know irl:
:icontebelin: besty~ ;u;
:iconneuroparadox: Woman you live like 4 hours away from me >:C Im gonna meet you from up close NO MATTER WHAT ASHJDGHAJSG

Awesome people that are really close to me: (not in order)

great people and friends that i met here: (not in order)

Done by Reixxie

Don't be Shy by Kyuwa-kun
Done by Kyuwa-kun
So yeah.... hey,

Hope everyone is doing good and being happy. Its really nice to see that some people are being happy and having an awesome life. Some of you guys deserve every single bit of it. You wet through some shit and now its everything happy for you and hope it stays the same.

Cant really say the same for me too tho. You might have noticed and those who read my last journals and saw my drawings that i havent been doing well. Ummm, things have been getting worse. Im really sorry to say that and if you dont want to read any further or you are too sensitive please stop here

Oh... i see you want to continue... ok. So, ive been having some major issues and some small issues too. Ill start with the small ones first just to prepare the grounds. So the last two months ive lost a lot of people once i learned that they only were close to me just to take advantage of me. Ive been ditched and badly ''teased'' for the last two months by people i trusted. So yeah these were the stupid small issues. Now about the big ones. Some of you may know i have some health issues. Yeah about those, they became worse. Ive spent days and days in the hospitals, fainted a lot and lost my heart rate a ton of times the past 2-3 weeks. And i hate to admit it, but some things that i do make it even worse. The only thing i can say is that i started smoking 2 months ago. I aint that proud about it but it was the only way to soothe my psychological pain, even if it fucked up my body and health. Another thing is that both my parents turned out to have major issues with their health. Havent talked with my dad for a week because i never get to see him (work and shit i suppose) and then my mom is fighting with her heart, coughing and having back pains every day. Then there are a shit ton of fucking stuff with my family going on and i dont even want to know anything anymore.

Thats all. Most of my news packed up and some of them will just be kept with me because its not something easy to reveal and tell. Sorry guys but ill keep a part of the story hidden. 

Also i wanted to say that im sorry for not being there with you people on your happy times. I want to, i really do but i just cant. It hurts that i wasnt able to be there for some of you, congratulate you, send you my cheers and show you how much i fucking love you. But i need to deal with life who slapped me in the face suddenly and left me unprepared for situations like these. Wish i could talk to some certain people again... like the old days... i feel that ive been drifted away and maybe been forgotten by some of you. But what can we do? Thats how it goes no? Anyways a million thanks to those of you who read this till the end. I really appreciate it.

One last thing Please, dont write comments saying ''you can talk to me'' and ''ill be there for you'' I really appreciate them but it hurts when i cant reply to those heart warming comments of yours....sorry

Bye everyone, ill try to log in here more often once im done with health, hospitals and family.

I havent lost just yet. I wont give up just yet. There is a lot to fight for.

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Jocyhope Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
BABEH CAKES!!!  *glomps you with tons of love*
Thanks a bunch for the watch! :hug:
Amg man of course i remember it ;7; <3
I remember almost everything other people tell me uwu
And gosh its freaking beautiful ;A; Im going to steal it from ya if i ever visit you e^e
Also i got a super mario shirt that i found really cheap and i love it ;u;
CrownedFox Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
wearing it today and it's lovely okay?
It's fucking huge as shit on me though which makes it even better
Thats epic man~ uwu
But but but but, look at the pretty neat babuh i got on friday~ <3
(1 Reply)
sxy eri
Heeeey sexy baby~ <3
Shinobi-Kitty Mar 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Wanted to add ya to my PKMN-street list, so we can RP when we are on :iconkittysmileplz:
Sure uwu Tho im really slow with RPs these days and i only rp via comments or notes due to some real life problems ; ;''
Shinobi-Kitty Mar 25, 2014  Student General Artist
I understand, life happens
Thankies so much for understanding ;u;
MosiKitty Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-Nums on her head in a loving manner and snuggles- <3
tailsOrigins Jan 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Lacie:Happy Birthday Alexandra~
Alexandra: *her ears flicked as she heard a female chus voice. She turned around to see Lacie and a small smile was formed in her face as she was the first one to wish her for her birthday* Thank you so much for the wish darling. It means a lot *she said and bowed at Lacie*
tailsOrigins Jan 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Lacie: *The female returned the bow slightly and nodded.* You are welcome, I wish for you the best on this day.
Alexandra: Thank you again miss. *she said with a smile* By the way, may i ask your name. I dont recall meeting you before. 
(1 Reply)
FluffyFurret Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks alot for the watch <3
Np at all~
Your art is so precious and adorable~ >u<
Also thankies for the watch back ;u; <33
FluffyFurret Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
eeeeh thanks <3 Yours is too c:
You're welcome >w<
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